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Quel est le nom du logiciel et du site sans espaces ni majuscules (protection anti-spam) ?

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FreeTrack - Maintenance Release ( le 20/11/2008 à 11h20 )

This is a maintenance release.

Natural Point™ requested us to remove Track-IR™ cameras support from FreeTrack.

Of course, FreeTrack still supports all webcams and Nintendo Wiimote cameras.

FSX, sliders, "9 FPS", and video windows properties size bugs are also fixed.

Uninstall the previous version before.

-- Get the FreeTrack Maintenance Release --

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Cerberus a écrit ( 09/06/2010 à 17h20 ) :
Great program. Easy to build. Took a couple of hr's and not hard at all to calibrate. I would never fly without it.

You guys saved me a lot of money.A old baseball cap,usb cable off old printer and 3 IR L.E.D for a few bucks at radio shack. I used a web cam I purchased in 1999.I dug out of a box of computer stuff I was about to throw away. I get 15fps but that's more then enough.No stutter at all playing AH2. Worked great with WBs also.
Thanks Guys!

Challenger a écrit ( 02/05/2010 à 14h55 ) :
Is it possible to implement a face api to free-track in next releases? THAT WOULD BE AWESOM

mike a écrit ( 23/03/2010 à 23h47 ) :
Trust Webcam 14839 has the same problem as the Cam D-Link DSB-C320: "Camera Properties" window is empty

scimo a écrit ( 21/10/2009 à 00h28 ) :
Peut on amplifier la sensibilité du capteur de la wiimote comme le cas du logiciel Smoothboard qui propose 6 Level de sensibilité?

sm0gGa a écrit ( 26/07/2009 à 19h45 ) :
How can i connect the wii remote with freetrack? I can choose wii remote in the menu but "start" is deactivated.

dzid_ a écrit ( 09/05/2009 à 14h12 ) :
Is it possible to implement a face api to free-track in next releases?

vannix a écrit ( 02/05/2009 à 18h47 ) :
please make a fix for the playstation 3 eye camera. I tried everything. The tracking area is only on 1/4 of the image.

BillyCrusher a écrit ( 26/01/2009 à 13h03 ) :
Cam D-Link DSB-C320: "Camera Properties" window is empty

Babasior a écrit ( 20/11/2008 à 18h02 ) :
Please, use forum to post more informations about your problem ?

sebiks a écrit ( 20/11/2008 à 16h41 ) :
not working with a4tech pk333.

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