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themoon7x #1 29/09/2009 - 01h56

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I've had great success using freetrack and my homemade 3-point cap setup in FSX after thumbing through this forum and accumulating ideas, and figured I'd give it a try in Euro Truck Simulator. I had to enable the TrackIR interface to get it to work. For some reason though, the screen is flickering violently while viewing the in-cab camera. The head-tracking works, I can look all around with no problems, but its as if there are 2 images of the interior being drawn about an inch or 2 away from each other, and there is a fast flicker bouncing back between the 2 images. I've tried adjusting the camera fps, , changing the values in the specific profile for that game, played around with v-sync settings in my graphics card along with triple buffering settings, I tried disabling the Freetrack interface and simconnect as well leaving only the TrackIR interface enabled....nothing has worked so far. Any ideas what could be happening?

system specs:
Intel Q6700
Intel 975XBX2
Windows Vista
nVidia 8800GT

EDIT: ok nevermind, I got it working.....I just disabled roll, x, y, and z in the Freetrack game profile and all is nice and smooth!
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