LED Assembly Wizard

By Tristan68

IR LEDs - brainload

This wizard will help you to choose the appropriate setup to build your FreeTrack Cap or Clip

To work, this wizard needs to know 4 parameters.

  • The setup model you plan to use :
    • 1 LED (2DOF)
    • 3 LEDS Clip (6DOF, headset mounting)
    • 3 LEDS Cap (6DOF, cap visor mounting)
    • 4 LEDS (no significant advantage over 3 LEDs)
  • Your power supply characteristics (family, voltage)
  • The LED forward current (value provided by shop or datasheet), or the current you want to operate your LED (less than max forward current).
  • The LED forward voltage (value provided by shop or datasheet).

3 LEDS Clip or Cap
POWER SUPPLY Voltage value (V)
Power supply family
LED Forward Voltage (V)
Forward Current (mA)

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