What is Freetrack ?

What is FreeTrack?

FreeTrack is a free software similar to Track-IR™ (FreeTrack is compatible with a majority of games using this technology) which makes it possible to simulate head movements in your games and simulators, to increase pleasure, realism and immersion.

It makes it possible to control your point of view in a video game or simulator, with small head movements. What could be more natural than to turn your face towards the rear view mirror to look in this rear view mirror? How to make it simpler than to just lower your eyes to check the switch of the headlights of your Cessna?

The immersion is really improved, you just have a better awareness of the other vehicles in motor race games, you carry out more beautiful approaches in flight simulators,…

FreeTrack V2.1
Head tracking is possible using one of four different methods:

  • 1 Single point - 2DOF, easy to setup and very accurate.

  • 3 Point clip - 6DOF, clip fastened on headphones.

  • 3 Point cap - 6DOF, fastened on a cap.

  • 4 Point cap - still available but obsolete.

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